Mithraeum 99, Nov 2-Dec 14, 2014

Mithraeum Opening

Mithraeum Opening

Site-specific art installation in the crypt
Presented by North Grid Artists’ Projects:
Carla Aurich
Peter Ferko
Stacy Greene
Elizabeth Terhune

The idea for this show grew from a conversation and a visit to the crypt of the Church of the Intercession. This extraordinary space captivated me. I was immediately interested in curating an art exhibit in the crypt, and proposed the idea to the church. I envisioned a site-specific installation with an individual artist’s work in each archway, and with the work addressing the sacred, private and contemplative nature of this underground space. In the process I discovered that the Church of the Intercession was in its 99th year and so the concept for the show deepened. The number 99, is a significant spiritual number in many religions. It expresses a realized state of perfection and completion, the end of a timeline. In numerology it is associated with the element of gold and pure spirit.

Curious about the origins of this crypt space, I came across the word Mithraeum. Mithraeum, is an adapted cave or cavern found underneath an existing structure, usually a church, and was the precursor to the crypt. Most Mithraea date between 100 B.C. and A.D. 300, and are primarily found in border areas of the Roman Empire. They functioned as a place to gather and worship, and signified a place of passage, both of time and for the journey of the soul. Mithraeum, therefore, was rich with meaning and imagery, and the perfect concept for the show. Mithraeum 99 celebrates this incredible crypt space, the talents of local artists who are connected to upper Manhattan, and the anniversary of the building of The Church of the Intercession.
The church was built by self-taught architect Bertrand Goodhue, and was consecrated in 1914. Goodhue’s many significant buildings include St. Thomas on 5th Ave., and St. Bartholomew on Park Ave., though he considered the Church of the Intercession his master-work and his tomb is found in the main apse of the church. Mithraeum 99, celebrates and acknowledges Goodhue’s contributions to sacred space.
Thanks to Juliet Lowe-Tannis, Tommy Cheng and all the folks at The Church of the Intercession for the use of this beautiful space. Special thanks to Antoon Taghon of Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio for initiating the conversation and helping us execute this show. Thanks also to Eric K. Washington for the historical tour of Trinity Cemetery and Trinity Wall Street for the use of the grounds.
Carla Aurich – Curator

"Cappadocia Tapestry" Stacy Greene, 2014, photo: Michael J. Palma

“Cappadocia Tapestry” Stacy Greene, 2014

Thanks to all who came for the opening and cemetery tour with Eric K. Washington. Mithraeum 99 is open until December 14th by appointment. Please contact Tommy Cheng,  for viewing times:

Photos:  Michael J. Palma

Peter Ferko Photo Collage, artists Peter Ferko and Stacy Greene

Peter Ferko Photo Collage, artists Peter Ferko and Stacy Greene

Elizabeth Terhune paintings

Elizabeth Terhune paintings

Elizabeth Terhune Paintings on the west wall of the crypt

Carla Aurich – 99 years, east wall.

Carla Aurich, 99 years

Carla Aurich, 99 years




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photos:  Michael J Palma


Site-specific art installation
In the crypt:

Carla Aurich    Peter Ferko    Stacy Greene    Elizabeth Terhune

Nov. 2–Dec. 14, 2014
Opening Reception: Nov. 2, 5-8 PM*

Celebrating the 99th year of
The Church of Intercession
550 West 155th Street
New, NY 10032

Entrance on 155th St. — between Broadway and Amsterdam,
and follow signs to the crypt.

*Tour of Trinity Cemetery with local historian Eric K. Washington, tagging-the-past,  4-5pm
Register at eventbrite or $10 at the door.

Tour group will meet at 3:45 at the church entrance on 155th street btwn Broadway and Amsterdam,  and leave promptly at 4:00pm.  Wear comfortable shoes, rough terrain.  Tour will meet rain or shine.IMG_4081

Viewing hours by appointment:

Public Transportation:
C to 155 and walk west 1 block
1 to 155 and Broadway
Buses 4 and 5 to 155 and BWay

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